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My favorite embroidery stitches book

I have taken all three parts of Annemie’s Favourite Embroidery Stitch Courses.  They have been an amazing resource of stitches and inspiration to me during the last two years.  Parts 1 and 2 gave me many new stitches and great ways to use them in an imaginative way. During Part 3 we extended our repertoire and added further techniques to our stitching – including free machine stitch and printing images onto fabric or felt and stitching into these. Initially I was not so keen on the machine work, but I can see the use for this as a base for secondary hand stitch and also as a technique in its own right.  The printing images onto fabric and stitching over them was a fun way of recreating old photos and embellishing them – which brought out new memories as I worked on them.  I can highly recommend all of Annemie’s stitch courses.  Also what I have enjoyed – and I have as a continual resource – are the wonderful videos Annemie has created with her stitch encyclopedia of many of the special stitches we worked with.  This I can go back to at any time as a reference.  Thank you Annemie. Janine Rees.

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