Annemie Koenen teaches in her own workshop Wolwerkplaats Moeder Aarde (1999) and as of 2008 predominantly international. Annemie’s knowledge of felt making is broad and deep, as is her range of courses, with an emphasis on quality felt.
She is inspired by nature and cultures from distant countries and made many trips to Central Asia, the cradle of felt. She mainly works with her own dyed wool and silk and with recycled materials.
Her artistry finds its form in many dormant ideas that at a certain moment become reality or come her way. She likes to be guided by circumstances, which are both a limitation and a challenge.
Her accessories and wall decorations can be found in various places in the country and since 2017 also in her gallery: Creations in felt.
When she works on assignment, her aim is to get the image of the client as clear as possible in order to create, in dialogue, the work that fits in its environment.
More information about her work: