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    This meeting is free of charge and is intended to meet, inform, show and tell each other, inspire each other and […]


Course offerings

Surface structures 3-d (#1)

In 2 days you can work small items, bracelet, brooch, trials or a simple collar or headband. In 3 days you can make a more laborious collar or headband. In 4 days this workshop can be one part of a ...
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3-d Structures in combination with resist felt (#2)

We combine 3-d structures with resistfelt. This can become a bag, hat, vase, etc. In 4 days this workshop can be one part of a Feltcarousel. In 4 or 5 days we can really go deep. Workshop length: 3, 4 ...
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Surfacestructures, nuno, layers, relief (#3)

Nuno, 3-d structures, relief, layers in various ways.We can combine the different techniques.You have all the freedom in choice to make a hat, bag, wall decoration, etc. In 4 days this workshop can be one part of the Feltcarousel. In ...
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Wallhanging with surfacestructures and free embroidery (#4)

A wall decoration is ideal for learning and practicing many different techniques. Almost anything is possible. You start from your own idea and together we look at how we will develop that idea and which techniques we use. Of course ...
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Slippers with leather sole and bumper (24#)

We can make high or low slippers. High slippers are felted in one piece. Low slippers with 2 separate subfloor molds, but at the same time. We make a mold of the subfloor and when there is enough connection in ...
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Many pockets bag (#20)

We start by looking at what we want to use this bag for and how many compartments we need for that.We calculate the size of the mold and bags.It is possible to felt loops, cords and flaps.For a bag like ...
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Hat (#10)

We can make this hat in 1 day.A lovely hat for when it is cold, in the colors matching our jacket. Workshop length: 1 day ...
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Hats made from handmade felt with modists-precision (#9)

I have been making hats from handmade felt for a long time, but in order to learn the details of the trade, I attended a hat-making course at Kitty Sanders for 2 years.Wether a hat against the cold or an ...
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My favorite embroidery stitches book (#27)

A full course of free embroidery on felt. For anyone who wants to build up from scratch and/or want to delve deeper into the matter. The parts can be followed independently of each other. The offer per part remains the ...
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My memory book, felt and embroidery (#30)

As with the embroidery stitches book, we use a ring bound book form with selfmade felt to bundle our work. The memory book is slightly thicker and thus offers the space to be a little more creative with the pages ...
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Growth chart, Felt and embroidery (#31)

We are moving and we cannot take our growth chart with us with the wall. A grandmother told me that she would embroider a pillowcase for all her grandchildren with something new every year to suit the child at that ...
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Amulet with wet sculptural felt and embroidery (#7)

We felt wet. Modeling felt.When you look at the basic shapes of felt:1. cord2. ball3. flat surface4. resistfeltFind your modeling felt in the ball shape. In the morning we felt.In the afternoon we learn double finger crochet, a technique from ...
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Bracelet or pouch with nuno and and free embroidery (#5)

We felt in the morning and start embroidering in the afternoon.Embroidery requires a lot of 'wonderful' time.You can finish the work at home or continue working here in a further course day. Workshop length: 1 day ...
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Bracket purse with nuno and free embroidery (#6)

We make the purse in resistfelt using nuno techniques.We learn how to sew the bracket in the purse.And then we listen to the angels and we can embroider freely. Depending on the size of your work, your experience and the ...
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Felting and embroidering mandalas on felt (#22)

In my Bhutan dream are 100 working hours, in other words 100 hours of pleasure and harmony and listening to what the angels whisper in your ear. Instead of slippers something else can be made, like a wall hanging, bag, ...
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Embroidery pouch with embroidery (#25)

We felt a flat surface from which we cut the different parts for the embroidery case or we work around a template and work the inner compartments in one piece. For the sheets to insert the needles, we felt a ...
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Basic techniques for the advanced (and beginners) (#13)

We delve into where felt originates from. How did it come about that it spread all over the world like a snowball? Who were the people of the very beginning? When interested we can watch a movie about the cradle ...
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Sculptural felt – wetfelting (#8)

Modeling felt is like modeling with clay. People who have experience with this, find this easy.I am not very good at modeling with clay, but this is much easier with wool and lukewarm soapy water. We start with a sheep ...
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Felting from raw fleece (#23)

We work with raw fleece in combination with a well felting wool like the Tirol mountain sheep.The raw fleece doesn't necessarily have to be a well felting wool. The mountain sheep wool will take the raw fleece with it. Workshop ...
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Felt and leather (#21)

Felt bags with leather applications Simple, unique, artistic pieces that are made from wool and possibly self-dyed fine leather. The bags are felted and decorated and stabilized with self-designed leather applications. Cords and knots are braided from leather with a ...
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Turkmenish technique (#14)

In this technique carpets are felted in Turkmenistan.We apply the technique in everything we want to make.That can be a carpet, but also a bag, book cover, bracelet or whatever.In Turkmenistan there is at least one point or open circle ...
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Shirdak (#15)

Shirdaks are the Sunday carpets from Kyrgyzstan. In the bozuis (yurts) they lie on the ala-kisj carpets.They are made in twins or triplets.When a girl marries, a twin shirdak is made. One remains in the family and the other goes ...
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Embroidered felt bags (#16)

These bags are originally from Afghanistan, but I have also seen them in other Asian countries. There are different opinions as to what was done with them, but the most likely is that they were used as storage space in ...
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Asian techniques (#17)

This is a combination of the workshops:14. Turkmenish technique15. Shirdak16. Embroidered felt bags Workshop length: 5 days ...
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Basic wool processing – spinning, natural dyeing, felting (#18)

Back to basics. We wash the wool, paint with plants we collected in nature.This is what I did myself starting out.Back to the origins, mother nature and all of her wonderfull treasures.This course can be part of the Feltcarousel. Course ...
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Rainbow dyeing (#19)

This course is best combined with felting and / or embroidery, because the dye baths have to cool down. We work with acid dyes. With these you can dye animal fibers such as wool and silk.We dye with different colours ...
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Upcoming courses


This meeting is free of charge and is intended to meet, inform, show and tell each other, inspire each other ...
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Felt and leather

The course consists of 7 lessons. The same course runs both in the morning, from 10.00 – max. 13.00 (Amsterdam ...
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Sculptural felt – wet felting

Modeling felt is like modeling with clay. People who have experience with this find it easy. I'm not very good ...
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We learn how to make the template for a hat. We make the felt with embellishments and shapes with pleats ...
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My Favorite Embroidery Stitch Book: Part 1

We felt some pages and the cover.We learn the first stitches and the basics of free embroidery on felt This ...
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My Favorite Embroidery Stitch Book: Part 2

We expand our stitch knowledge with more difficult stitches and we feel a bit more comfortable in our free embroidery ...
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My Favorite Embroidery Stitch Book: Part 3

In part 3 we work with different acquaintances in embroidery directions, such as e.g. Embrodery d’Art Haute Couture. We'll move ...
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