2015 Genesis… and there is land – Textile Festival Leiden
Selected for the exhition in the Pieterskerk – third price from the public

2017 Collection Princess

The Feltcarousel is created in honour of the 21th anniversary of Wool Workshop Mother Earth.

The Feltcarousel is a personal learning path to quality felt.
Felt is a special material that deserves to be used in its fullest glory.
If one wants to move freely in a technique, it must first be internalized. You achieve this by learning the different techniques well and then practicing, practicing and practicing again.

Over the past 21 years and before, my acquired knowledge and experience have become extensive and diverse.
I am a teacher in heart and soul!
Based on my passion for the profession, I am happy to pass on this knowledge!


Personal learning path
The Feltcarousel is a personal process from start to finish that is established in mutual consultation.
Although the required effort is the same within each process, the content will differ per person.
One can immerse oneself, one can broaden. The entire learning path is personal and unique for everyone.


A personal learning path also includes a timeline that you determine yourself.
The starting moment is an accompanying interview where a plan is worked out in mutual consultation. This plan can be adjusted along the way.
The end point is a completed thesis and the associated Feltcarousel Certificate.
The duration of the entire process can be two years, but also five years. Depending on your personal possibilities.

Good guidance throughout the entire process is important. Together we will find the right path for you personally.
Coaching is offered in different ways and times:

Fixed coaching moments:
– Introductory conversation in which we determine your learning path. This concerns the content, the timeline and your learning desire. Adjustments can be made during the process.
– Coaching and support with regard to both the idea and the implementation of the thesis.

Coaching throughout the entire process:
– During lessons there is plenty of opportunity to discuss any question that may arise.
– This is also possible individually. With Online lessons we can do this right after the lesson. If you follow the lessons here, we will look for a good time.

Guidance on request:
– When you run into something, have doubts or want to discuss an idea or working method, we look for a moment of consultation.

Group support and collaboration:
– I will plan a Zoom meeting every month for all participants of the Feltcarousel. You can ask me questions and have contact with each other. Inspire each other and exchange ideas.
– In addition, I will set up a Feltcarrousel group on Facebook.
Here we use the power of a group in which you can communicate with each other.

As a participant in the Feltcarousel you are part of one group. The composition of the group will vary. New participants join and participants who have completed the Feltcarousel are leaving. Participants who have completed the Feltcarrousel can remain affiliated as alumni within the Feltcarrousel group.

Feltcarousel themes
You make a choice from my wide range of courses. When you have worked in a theme of your choice for four days, you will receive a participation certificate.
To complete the Feltcarousel you need seven such participation certificates.
These can be seven different themes, with which you work broadly.
However, you can also go in depth by obtaining multiple participation certificates in the same theme.

Feltcarousel certificate
When you have obtained seven participation certificates, the Feltcarousel is concluded with a final work of your own. This work is a proof of competence in the themes followed.
After completing this final work, you will receive the Feltcarousel certificate.

Taking classes
Classes can be taken in Mother Earth’s workshop, online or a combination of both. When working mainly online, it is preferable to be physically present here in the workplace at least once. If this is not possible, work could possibly be sent by post to see in real life.

Digital exhibition
Any final work can be included in a digital exhibition.
This can be admired on the website of Mother Earth.