Mother Earth’s dye kitchen

It is not often that the dye-pan of
Mother Earth is not on the cooker.

The Merino roving and Merino / Silk roving is of very good quality and appears to have less microns (18-19) than it officially has (20-21 microns).

I dye with Sandolan, a so-called acid dye. This is a synthetic dye.

At the moment only Merino with Mulberry silk is being dyed. Merino without silk is still available until it is used up.

It is advisable to take the amount of wool needed for a piece of work from one dye lot. Because I dye manually, there are colour differences in the different baths.

In 2020 we started to dye the embroidery threads, including Tresse, with Procion. This is a basic dye.

The colour spectrum of the acid-dyed wool, throwsters, silk scarves is about to change. We no longer dye some of the old colors. Instead, there are a number of new colours such as: Ocher, Tourmaline, Baby Pink and Baby Blue.

The full range currently in stock can be found in our brand new webshop.

Für meine Deutsche Kunden: Bis jetzt kann ich auch noch immer über die Deutsche Post verschicken. Wenn der Moment kommt dass dass nicht mehr geht, werde ich über die Niederlande verschicken, aber trotzdem das Deutsche Porto rechnen.

Ihr könnt mir in Deutsch schreiben und ich verschicke auch über Deutschland.