In recent months I have become more and more enthusiastic about teaching online.
Just like in my live teaching, I need to interact with you to be completely in my element.
That is why I prefer to do the online courses through Zoom, in direct contact with you.
I can see your work and correct it immediately.
We can all communicate with each other and inspire each other.

As in the live courses, we also work with a maximum of 12 people in a group online.

You need:
Laptop or PC with webcam and microphone. It is also possible with a tablet or telephone, but the larger screen makes it easier to see everything.
You do not need to create a Zoom account.

With all the people who participate in the online lessons for the first time, we test the equipment half an hour before the first lesson.

Especially the courses with lengthy work processes have great added value online. We schedule more time between classes, allowing for larger or more complex work.

As a result, we are also working together for a longer period of time, which greatly benefits the group bonding, while we work in
an international group.

A recording is made of all lessons, which you can watch via a link. This makes it easy to repeat the work and make thorough notes.
Or if you have to miss a lesson, you can easily watch it via the recordings.

Duration of availability of recordings:
Courses of 2 lessons, during 1 month after the last lesson.
Courses of 3 to 5 lessons, during 3 months after the last lesson.
Courses from 6 lessons, during six months after the last lesson.

Courses from 6 lessons, during six months after the last lesson. In the following program I split up the felting and embroidery lessons. The embroidery lessons are more or less continuous. You work with finished felt or you first make felt in one of the courses I offer. In the embroidery courses everything you want is covered. From simple to complicated, discussing tools, materials and design. The course is always offered in a series of 7 lessons. It is
possible to indent a current course.

Online teaching is still being developed continuously.
You are welcome to have your say in that. Please express your wishes, points of interest or good ideas.



This meeting is free of charge and is intended to meet, inform, show and tell each other, inspire each other ...
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Felt and leather

The course consists of 7 lessons. The same course runs both in the morning, from 10.00 – max. 13.00 (Amsterdam ...
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Sculptural felt – wet felting

Modeling felt is like modeling with clay. People who have experience with this find it easy. I'm not very good ...
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We learn how to make the template for a hat. We make the felt with embellishments and shapes with pleats ...
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My Favorite Embroidery Stitch Book: Part 1

We felt some pages and the cover.We learn the first stitches and the basics of free embroidery on felt This ...
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My Favorite Embroidery Stitch Book: Part 2

We expand our stitch knowledge with more difficult stitches and we feel a bit more comfortable in our free embroidery ...
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My Favorite Embroidery Stitch Book: Part 3

In part 3 we work with different acquaintances in embroidery directions, such as e.g. Embrodery d’Art Haute Couture. We'll move ...
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During the Cornitt Online Filz Treff I was one of the 5 teachers and we made a floppy summer hat. In March this event will be repeated in the English language.

My favorite embroidery stitches book

Dear Annemie,
I am very, very satisfied and happy with your courses and tutorials. What painstaking work to get everything so ready. In the films I can watch you work longer, they are more detailed, so to speak, the tutorials are just great, like an embroidery manual.
The appliqué and couching unit was such a good example of what I’d like to say: work in flow and when I need it, I look up the tutorials.
As a preparation for a lesson, the tutorials were particularly valuable for me. Since I’m still a beginner in embroidery, I can prepare myself and it reduces a bit the amount I have to take up at once (I also get more subtleties and “side information”).
I greet you very warmly, I am very happy to have found you.
You give me the tools for something new that I’ve had in mind for a long time and didn’t dare to try, Monika Scislowski

Cornitt Online Filz Treff