Courses elsewhere

Filznetzwerk e.V. – Course for feltmeeting – Duisburg – Germany

2023, February 20 – 23

The theme is Steampunk. Even if you are not a member of the German Felt Association, you can participate in the courses for a small additional cost.
The pre-courses and the meeting itself can be booked separately.
In my course we make pre-felt with all possible materials in the structures of rust. We process this pre-felt in a collar or headband with 3-D structures.

Information and registration:

Wollknoll – Oberrot – Germany

2023, March 13 – 17 – Artful embroidery on felt

It’s possible to work on the favorite embroidery stitches book or another theme or object, which we will felt first and then embroider.

Information and registration: [email protected]

Ländliche Heimvolkshochschule Hohebuch – Germany

2023, May 18 – Artful embroidery on felt
2023, May 19 – 21 – Hats with modists precision
2023, May 18 – 21 – My favorite embroidery stitches book
Information and registration:
Annette Laucher: [email protected]

Hof Kornrade – Germany

2023, June 7 – 9 – Felt dimensions
2023, June 10 – Mother Earth, Sculptural felt
2023, June 11 Artful embroidery on felt
Information and registration:
[email protected]

Wollknoll – Oberrot – Germany

2023, July 17 – 21 – Felt dimensions

Yoga mat, many pockets bag, slippers

Information and registration: [email protected]

Studio Felt and Fibers – St Meard de Dronne, Dordogne – France

2023, August 19 – 27Hats with modists precision

2023, August 29 – September 6 – Felt and leather

Parallel in both weeks is also possible: My favorite embroidery stitch book or other project with felting and embroidery.

For those who feel like and have the opportunity to immerse 1 or 2 weeks in creative work with felt, under my guidance, in an idyllic spot in the Dordogne, here’s a sneak peek.

If you want to know more and see exactly where we work, take a look here: