Embroidered felt bags (#16)

These bags are originally from Afghanistan, but I have also seen them in other Asian countries.
There are different opinions as to what was done with them, but the most likely is that they were used as storage space in the bozui’s (yurts).

I learned the techniques of István Vidák, felt pioneer from Hungary, during a wonderful summer vacation in Tisa-shash.

Apart from felt making, there are many different techniques in this bag.
Designing your motifs.
Transferring the motifs to the felt.
Embroider the motifs with the Chirash stitch, which means close together. This one is bordered again with a chain stitch.
Kabul weaving,

And here too we can work traditionally or contemporary.

This course can be part of the Feltcarousel.

Workshop length: 3, 4 or 5 days

Available workshops

Embroidered Felt Bags (Online Course)

These bags are originally from Afghanistan. Many different weaving and braiding techniques are discussed. This course consists of 8 half-days ...
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