Rainbow dyeing (#19)

This course is best combined with felting and / or embroidery, because the dye baths have to cool down. We work with acid dyes. With these you can dye animal fibers such as wool and silk.We dye with different colours at the same time, so that nuances appear in the material in different colours.Rainbow dyeing. […]

Basic wool processing – spinning, natural dyeing, felting (#18)

Back to basics. We wash the wool, paint with plants we collected in nature.This is what I did myself starting out. Back to the origins, mother nature and all of her wonderfull treasures. This course can be part of the Feltcarousel. Course duration : 2, 3, 4 or 5 days

Asian techniques (#17)

This is a combination of the workshops:14. Turkmenish technique15. Shirdak16. Embroidered felt bags Workshop length: 5 days

Embroidered felt bags (#16)

Deze tassen komen oorspronkelijk uit Afghanistan, maar ik heb ze ook in andere Aziatische landen gezien.Er zijn verschillende meningen wat er mee gedaan werd maar het meest waarschijnlijk is dat ze gebruikt werden als opbergruimte in de bozui’s (yurts). Ik leerde de technieken van István Vidák, viltpionier uit Hongarije, in een heerlijke zomervakantie in Tisa-sjasj. […]

Shirdak (#15)

Shirdaks are the Sunday carpets from Kyrgyzstan. In the bozuis (yurts) they lie on the ala-kisj carpets.They are made in twins or triplets.When a girl marries, a twin shirdak is made. One remains in the family and the other goes with the girl to the new family. Finished felt is cut, reassembled in the opposite […]

Turkmenish technique (#14)

In this technique carpets are felted in Turkmenistan.We apply the technique in everything we want to make.That can be a carpet, but also a bag, book cover, bracelet or whatever.In Turkmenistan there is at least one point or open circle in every work.That is the place where your soul can go in and out at […]

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Felt and leather (#21)

Felt bags with leather applications Simple, unique, artistic pieces that are made from wool and possibly self-dyed fine leather. The bags are felted and decorated and stabilized with self-designed leather applications. Cords and knots are braided from leather with a traditional Hungarian technology.I learned the techniques from Mari Nagy from Hungary, a felt pioneer of […]

Felting from raw fleece (#23)

We work with raw fleece in combination with a well felting wool like the Tirol mountain sheep.The raw fleece doesn’t necessarily have to be a well felting wool. The mountain sheep wool will take the raw fleece with it. Workshop length: 2, 3, 4 or 5 days In 4 days this workshop can be one […]

Sculptural felt – wetfelting (#8)

Modeling felt is like modeling with clay. People who have experience with this, find this easy.I am not very good at modeling with clay, but this is much easier with wool and lukewarm soapy water. We start with a sheep with which you learn the basics.After that almost anything is possible. In 4 days this […]

Basic techniques for the advanced (and beginners) (#13)

We delve into where felt originates from. How did it come about that it spread all over the world like a snowball? Who were the people of the very beginning? When interested we can watch a movie about the cradle of felt, which is composed of images from my travels to Kyrgyzstan. Concerning techniques, we […]