Basic techniques for the advanced (and beginners) (#13)

We delve into where felt originates from. How did it come about that it spread all over the world like a snowball? Who were the people of the very beginning?

When interested we can watch a movie about the cradle of felt, which is composed of images from my travels to Kyrgyzstan.

Concerning techniques, we look at why we do things the way we do them. How do I prevent my work becoming a sausage? Why is it all right to turn my work? Why don’t we work with hot water in the beginning? Why and when can we deviate from the rules?
How do we make quality felt? What more options are there?
Again and again I meet people who have been felting for a long time, who are unaware of certain techniques of ways of felting.

In consultation there is much freedom in the objects to be made.

Real beginners start with basic forms of felt: ball, cord, flat surface, seemles felt.