My memory book, felt and embroidery (#30)

As with the embroidery stitches book, we use a ring bound book form with selfmade felt to bundle our work. The memory book is slightly thicker and thus offers the space to be a little more creative with the pages. As a result, we can also make pockets, for example.

Before the start of the course, you choose an overarching theme for your book. For example, travel stories or a biographical book. Before the start of each lesson, you have thought about how you want to get started within this theme. Where necessary or desired, you will receive support and guidance in converting your idea into your felt and embroidery.

We can combine other techniques. I myself want to make a memory book for my mother, but so much more is possible. A travel story, a book for the grandchildren, a book about yourself, etc. When you participate in this course, the paper book form is included in the price. During the course I will work with you, on my own book.

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