Memorybook – Part 1

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My mother passed away in 2008 and I have been toying with a memory book about her for a long time now. Due to the death of my father in December of last year, this now comes to the fore.
The thought of capturing a human being in a compact thing, which may last for another generation, is a pleasant thought to me.

Since my parents were together for almost 50 years, my memories of both of them are intertwined.
Thus, working on this book, here and now, is certainly a grieving process. A mourning for my father and also a mourning for the loss of both parents.
I experience this as a pleasant way of grieving.

Over the years I have always collected all kinds of things, such as e.g. handwritten notes, from both.
Partly as a result of clearing things up and taking care of things, a desire arises to commemorate, to honor such a life.
Photos and notes give an idea and invite you to do a little research. Now people from that generation are still alive.

This memory book in which textiles – felt – and paper are linked is very suitable for Mom with her great love for textiles.

Dad will also have a book, perhaps in paper form.

The silk cloth I used in the cover is one of hers. At the time, I used the same cloth when making the urn casing.

The text is a handwritten text, which she wrote in a book about plants, which she gave me as a present.
Embroidering her handwriting I discover patterns. The distance between the letters and the consistent way in which she writes the different letters.
That feels very close.

This is the back of the first felted page.
Because of the techniques I use here, I can’t start with the first page until it’s finished.
My papers, handwritten text, on the right, are completely drafted. It will probably take a long time for the written pages to become final.

When the felted page is finished there will be a large photo and I can already tell that it will be much nicer than what you would think on the basis of the above small photos.

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