Memorybook – Part 4

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Here’s the start on the cover. Her call sign. The story of this man. Your name, like your handwriting, will be with you for the rest of your life.

Or as Neeltje Maria Min puts it: ‘Call me by my deepest name’.

I found the Maria amulet in her materials. Mary had a special meaning for Mom.

I want to build the story in chronological order. Searching through old photos and talking among us children brings up all kinds of new and interesting things. The experience of each of us is so different and a few years of age difference can give such different starting points, in that ever further life.

The need arises to write down the story and to supplement it where possible. A story for family and acquaintances, which is digitally stored, together with photos and film on the USB.

When embroidering the notebook, I noticed that there was a deep connection. I also notice that when embroidering this page. I know the picture, I’ve seen it many times. But never as close as when I embroider this list. Never before have I looked so closely at her eyes. Never before have I felt so connected to this grandmother I was named after.

On April 3, I told about this grandmother. Mom was a lot like her, just like my sister was like Mom.

The bag can be closed and when the ring is not worn after me, it can be stored here.

I chat with Mom about the embroidery, ask her what she thinks. She has always appreciated my work. I thank her for passing on her golden hands. I work with her gems. “Ma-am, they weren’t sorted yet.”

And I work with golden thread from the 1930s from Borduuratelier Laudy. This was exhibited together with my work in the Sittard Museum in 2016. I was allowed to work with a small amount of this material and I am very careful with that.

Before this felted page are two paper pages and four paper pages after it. I want to make these first before I start on the new felted page.
Not only do I now have to choose what will appear on these pages, but also how I want to shape them.

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