Memorybook – Part 5

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The embroidery of this page needs a little more time.
Without it really being intended, the list evokes the same feeling as Jan’s princess suit. If I remember correctly, Mom embroidered the decal on Jan’s suit.

Mom’s gems are generously replenished on the free markets. That was already on the agenda.

Searching for how I want to shape the paper pages, I want to take into account that people at home do not have the facilities of the printing house.
I want to reflect something of her style in the design.
In the course of the book, the felted pages will become theme pages. Her life story will light up on the paper pages in between.

The old photos are fascinating. There is family, distant relatives and friends. In the different generations people resemble each other. It becomes clear how many different branches there are. And those different branches don’t need to be in contact with each other at all. I think it would be very interesting to visualize some of those branches.
For example: Mom and Aunt Marianne are cousins.
Mom’s mother is a sister of aunt Marianne’s father
and Mom’s father is a brother of Aunt Marianne’s mother.
I had to puzzle over that for a while.

For the embroiderers
I continue to work intuitively. When I work at the top of the list and the space is different than on the side, it gives me the opportunity for something new. That’s what I mean by being guided by the circumstances. For example, the red color thread has been added to the embroidery thread. Routine is created in the repetition of the same patterns. You work more and more effectively, you make choices, rhythm is created.

The next felted page will be a textile page.

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