Memorybook – Part 3

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Here is the first felted side, all finished. I am very satisfied.

As always, my work arises during the process. For a long time I was only with blue (ballpoint pen) in mind, but then the freedom of the artist came to my mind.

When I first started embroidering her handwriting, I was impressed with how close it felt.
Now the second time it is already familiar and I can fully enjoy it.

It was only towards the end that I got the idea to add her flowers – which she always drew – and I have been embroidering for a long time.
And while I was making the first rose, I felt it had to be 3 and our names were born:

Annemie – Hanni – Änne

There will be a compartment in the book for a USB key. I want to store photos, film and documents there.
This gives the option of not having to overfill the pages.

I’m already looking forward to the next felted silk.


In our print shop we have options for transfer printing. The text is now printed directly on the felt. The transfer paper is almost invisible. Embroidering directly on this was much more pleasant than through the solu fleece. And I had already gotten a routine on the letters during the first time embroidering.
After the stitch, the yarn, the thickness and the color were determined, I did that with great pleasure.

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