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It took a while, but now an extra long contribution.

I have now arrived at page 17. This text is also a handwritten text by Mom. She called us her cloverleaf.
Could ‘t blumche van de mam’ (‘mothers little flower’) (wood sorrel) have been given this name because of this?

But first back to where we left off.

Page 8 was already there and on page 9 the picture frame around this innocent looking child is completed.
The doll is in the making, well on its way. Here I felt resistance in the making process. However, imagining her as a child, how old she is and how she does this allows me to get to it. Also my personal freedom to shape it.

The making of this book has a number of components.

First, there’s her story seen through my eyes and through my memories.
My truth and motivation in my way, as we all experience it in our own way.

Sharing her story will remain small both here and in the book. One of the things that I find very interesting are the connections that I discover, or new things. This also invites you to share with family members who replenish it. I want to circulate a digital file for this, when the right time has come.

Now I thoroughly enjoy shaping this story in the book and in such a way that I would like to get you excited too.
If you want to get started with it yourself, the paper base is available here. This is made by hand in our printing house, Pasklaar.
And if there is interest, I am also happy to offer this as a course, each working with its own theme. In such courses, my background from health care and education comes together, which I experience as very pleasant.

Then there is the creative process.
On the one hand, the choices made with regard to techniques, materials and colours. On the other hand, the compromises, solutions, resistance and difficulties that come your way.

And also on a personal level you are touched, surprised, driven, or you are unable to move forward. With the confidence that everything will be fine.

Page 10 completes the ‘Textile’ themed felt page. Her great love for textiles is visible at a young age.

At the age of 16 she already completed her training as a ‘Plätterin’ (ironer) and started working in the the Bäcker family launderette. It will certainly be here that the seed has been sown for neatly folded linen in neatly tidy piles. This has also been passed on well to her daughters and…granddaughters.

As she sewed the clothes for her paperclip doll, she also sewed the clothes for us. And that’s how she sewed our christening gown.
She changed this hat from our christening dress for a similar looking doll outfit.

During my ‘Half an hour of embroidering with Annemie’, I worked on this list twice. When I see this movie recording myself, it feels deeply connected when I see my hands working next to my mother as a young child, the one whose golden hands I was given.

Pages 12 and 13 tell about Mom’s life as a young woman. The photos tell that happier times have come.
One of her childhood sweethearts was the ‘Reitturnier’, parts of her scrapbooks have been used as a background here.
Another great childhood love is Carnival and preferably in ‘August’. I’m not a Carnival enthousiast, but the love for the August she certainly passed on to me.
Mom and Dad get to know each other at Carnival.

One of the most interesting discoveries of the bit of quest we’ve made is these different branches. Research is done into the time that can be made available for this.

Mom and Dad get married in 1958 and when Mom dies in 2008, they have been together for 50 years except for 6 weeks. The party was prepared and what we could, we shifted to the farewell celebration.

Page 15 and also 16, the third felt page, has the theme ‘Carnival’. My first thoughts are about ‘August’ and through the generations, as far as the fourth…
We shall see.

And then we are already there!

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