Memorybook – Part 2

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New felt pages.

The embroidered handwriting page is finished and the solu fleece is dissolved. I am not satisfied with the result. Therefore new pages. I am now going to transfer the text in a different way.

In the meantime, I collect and prepare.

The woman in the photo is Mom’s mother, my grandmother. She was important to Mom. For as long as I remember her picture has been standing next to her bed.
She died when Mom was 5 years old. Mom has always worn her wedding ring and since her death, I wear this ring the way Mom likes and wants.
I was named after this grandmother – Anna Maria Lucia.

But also daddy’s mother and my godmother’s name was Anna Maria.

The photo is printed on silk. I wanted a really clear representation of the photo here.

The pearls and beads are still Mom’s. I will use this in a very rich Embrodery d’Art style embroidered frame for the photo. Because this early deceased mother meant so much to Mom.
Also because this style reminds me of Mom’s prince and princess costumes.


The embroidered text is too wispy.
Perhaps the letters are too small to work with the soluvlies. I knew from the experiments that I had to tighten the thread properly and that you attach and detach your thread partially blind.
The next proof will be a direct print on the felt.
So again I won’t be able to start on the photo page until the embroidered handwriting page is ready.

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