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The paperclip doll

If you’re being held back from doing something similar because you think you barely have any memories, I can tell you they are, those memories.

As soon as you start working with them, they slowly surface.

While I was working on the doll, the word ‘friekele’ came to mind. (Freely translated, I’d say fiddle something small.) It’s a word Mom used and I haven’t heard it in a long time.
When I ask my sister if she remembers the word, she replies: ‘the smaller the better’.

Pages 8 and 9 are now finally complete. We were able to find out the date of Joseph Moll’s death.

And…..the paperclip doll is finished. I am completely satisfied with how it turned out. It is exactly as I imagined it and it has grown step by step.

Making this was not an easy process. There were all kinds of techniques around the corner, which I have not practiced because I do not apply them on a daily basis.

After choosing the simple paperclip version of the doll, I felted head and hands. That seemed like a great solution to me. The underwear, the first layer, I made from an undershirt from my father.
From that same shirt I took the 3 blue crosses, embroidered by her herself as a washing identification mark. (See page 10)

I made the doll dress from a discarded blouse of mine. I made a tiny pattern. Lots of little things came to my mind the way Mom did those kinds of things. How she made closures on doll clothes and the difference between clothes for dolls that did and did not have to be changed. Lace is one of my treasures, which was certainly used generously by Mom. It also refers to the time when it was made.

It had to be purple/lilac from the start. A little out of line, a small expression of desire for cheerfulness. To another world.

While doing all those little acts, a lot comes up and Mom is close by.

Mom also found a solution for everything. In this way every action first formed in my head and then could be executed fluently.

With a piece of pipe cleaner I formed the feet on the bottom paper clips.

Some of Mom’s big dolls were still here to find a new home. There was a real doll’s sock left and I sewed the socks of this.

Around the foot and over the underwear 2 beautiful legs were created in neat girls’ stockings.

Around them I felted the shoes that get laces with a few stitches.

The purple bouclé for the hair has been on my mind from the start. Here too I drew on what I saw in the past about how she worked.

And then a finishing touch.

New, old photos show a young girl wearing a hat. It could be Mom, but we’re not sure. But a hat can be crocheted well. How many times have I seen her do all these things.
A matching bag is also included. Both made from my ‘go-with-me yarn’ which appears in many pieces of work from the last 2 years.

The roses in the photo frame on this page are also made from this yarn.

The doll has become a cute little thing and to give our grandchildren the opportunity to hold it, it has been attached to the page with a magnet.

The doll is 15 cm high and luckily I was able to spend a lot more hours on this because of the holidays than you might think. From the dress to completely finished, I already worked for at least a day and a half and I mean including the evenings.

You have already seen the paper pages before and behind the next felted page.

The felt pages remain with Carnaval and with the beginning, the AUGUST. Both sides will be worked with a technique for one of the lessons from part 3 of the Favorite Embroidery Stitch Book and AUGUST will appear in 4 generations.

In my next ‘Half an hour of embroidery with Annemie’, I will embroider on this page.

And somewhere in the book there will be another felted page dedicated to Carnaval around another era that really begins with Youth Prince Jan the 2nd.

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